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Love That Surpasses Podcast

Hosted by Sarah Lowry and her co-host Megan Bouchillon. Sarah and Megan bring different perspectives on their journeys by sharing what motherhood looks like overcoming the challenges of having children with cognitive and physical disabilities. 

Take a seat and join the Love That Surpasses Podcast, where we share our hearts and experiences surrounding parenthood, disabilities, and God’s calling on our lives to live victoriously, fearlessly, and free. You’ll hear conversations about expectations, grief, jealousy, but also surrendering our lives and stepping into our God-given purpose with courage.



Welcome to the Love that Surpasses Ministries Podcast. We hope you feel abundantly loved today, because well, you are! Ephesians 3:17-19




During this episode, you will get the opportunity to know your host and cohost personally. You will have access to our story of how God intricately wove together our friendship and a full picture of where our hearts are rooted as we project where we will be taking you in this season.


Expecting Perfection

You'll hear our hearts surrounding our own personal expectations versus facing the realities of parenthood. We will share our tokens on how to continue walking forward in God’s grace amidst the hard and unexpected.


The Desolate Pit

Hear more about the hard moments of when we felt like we were in a desolate place. Our big questions for God such as, “why me and where are You in this hard place?” Join us as we press into these hard moments filled with hard questions.


Unrelenting Guilt

In this episode, we discuss guilt and how it is one of the greatest deceptions that we find ourselves in bondage to. We share our personal experiences with this great lie and how drawing near to God’s throne of grace, we find relief, hope and forgiveness.


Counting Other's Blessings

We talk about jealousy and the meaning behind the verse "A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones." 2. Mark 7:21-22.


Blinded By Anger

In this episode, we discuss how anger is rooted in hurt and how it leads to bitterness. How do we see beyond this place and find forgiveness in our hearts when situations/others cause us great pain?


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