Shop faith-focused merchandise that supports our non-profit and our special programs. Proceeds from products sold, go directly towards impacting special needs families. If you would like to donate proceeds made from your products or business, please contact us through the partner form below! Thank you for your support!

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An inspiring coloring book filled with 30 hand drawn illustrations using scripture, inspirational words, patterns, and more!

BUY ONE, GIVE ONE! With each purchase of this coloring book, a coloring book is donated to Love that Surpasses Ministries to be included in their Bags of Hope, which is a bag filled with gifts and resources that are given to families who receive a disability diagnosis for their child.

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“Sarah, mother-of-two, found herself on an unexpected parenting journey for both of her children. For the first time ever, Sarah shares her personal testimony. She reveals how parenting a child, who stands out amongst the crowd, can leave us feeling in between light and darkness all at once.    

A Love That Surpasses: Living Loved-Fearless and Free is available by paperback on Amazon.