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The Potter's Goodness Poem

"The Potter’s Goodness”

Inspired by Isaiah 45

Does the clay say to the potter, “why would you make me this way?”

“I didn’t want to be a small cup;

I won’t have as much to offer as the big ones.”

“I didn’t want handles;

They make me too dependent.”

“Please make sure I do not have cracks;

The others will think that I am broken.”

But as the Potter finished brushing on the final touches He beheld the tiny cup with such joy and said, “come a little closer to my heart so that you may understand.”

“I will hold you up by the handles so that all will see the work of my hand in you,” said the Potter.

“I will pour the most dense drink into your cup because big cups do not hold dense liquids but tiny ones do!” said the Potter.

“Lastly, I will fill all of your cracks with fine gold and your disgrace will be no more,” said the Potter. 

“Cause greater are the pots who let the Master Potter fill their cracks. There will never be day where they are not complete and they will partake forever in the joy of their Creator.”

By Sarah Lowry 

Written for my two perfect children with disabilities 

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