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Chesed Ve'Emet

"Chesed ve'Emet nifgashu, Tzedek v'Shalom nashaku"

"When Love and Truth meet, then Justice and Peace will kiss."

Psalms 85:10

The other night I had a dream and the Lord kept repeating over and over, "when love and truth meet" as I saw it written in Hebrew "Chesed ve'Emet." This saying is quite significant to me in the way the Lord has spoken it into my own life through the lives of my children. The revelation which speaks so much to me about this is that when we experience and get to know love (which is the Father) and (understand His) truth meet, then justice (is served to the enemy against us) and peace (rest for our souls) kiss. It is such a beautiful picture to me of how His love and truth sets us free.

We actually went back and forth for a while on whether or not to name our son, Emmett. Little did I know at the time, how prophetically significant that name was over his life. It's interesting that when you dive into Hebrew culture, they were always very intentional about what names people had as this represented the destiny over them. Still today, you can dive deeper into the stories of the Bible by unfolding the significance of the names of individuals and places. It wasn't until Emmett was 6 months old and we had move across the country to California when my coworker, who is Jewish, told me, "oh you know that Emmett means truth in Hebrew right?" I admittedly had no idea but instantly knew that there couldn't be a name more fitting for him.

Through the gift of Emmett and receiving his disability diagnosis; there has been no one that the Lord has used more in exposing the lies of this world. The day I got the call that the 12 week old baby I was carrying would be born with Down syndrome fully opened the gate to peer into a part of the world that I had never been forced to see before. A very broken and bleak outlook on life by the world's definitions. I encountered the spirit of death head on in those early moments as it whispered deception and false promises. The atmosphere of my home became so heavy with thick hopelessness. I'd like to say that I started seeing the lies soon but I walked through my whole pregnancy gripped by fear. I was unequipped to really understand how the spiritual side of things were really impacting me in the natural during those moments. Our rainbow in the storm was the day Emmett was born. He was placed onto my chest and it was overwhelming love that casted all fears away in that moment. It was the rainbow after the storm and the start of the healing of my broken heart.

The lies didn't stop at birth though. The healing wasn't instant. The pain from a world that perpetuates the false foundation of idolizing man's independence was a wall of rejection that I couldn't breakthrough. I couldn't climb over it. I couldn't go around it. It seemed I was just stuck continually looking at the wall of rejection in front of me. A comment that we received recently from one of our Bag of Hope recipients said, "I am ashamed that I am a Christian and consumed by so much fear." I can look back in those early dark moments and honestly say that was me too. I wasn't equipped by the church growing up on my Authority in Christ. I wasn't taught about the Spiritual battle and warfare that runs rampant that no one is exempt from. I had to learn it all in the fire of intense warfare and grief. I was determined to not stay in the grave which I felt trapped in. My hope in sharing this is that your eyes will be opened to see and you will begin to understand that not all thoughts are your own. Some are lies which are fed to you by the demonic. As the healing process began for me, the Lord started to reveal the thoughts creeping in that were not true. I would start getting anxious about my son's future. "Would I be miserable when we were older?" "Would he get a job?" "Would he be welcomed in school?" The worry was so thick sometimes. Crippling almost. Then that soft and gentle voice, "Sarah, is this true? Is this what My word speaks over your son?" After realizing, well no, that's not true. I would pray and say, "I rebuke the lie that ____, I command it to leave me now in Jesus name. Lord, I take hold of THE truth that Your word says, ______."

Overcoming the warfare is really the first step in healing. You cannot heal if you are constantly being attacked. Deliverance from the enemy and learning how to fight back in your authority is required of you to overcome. There is power in the name of Jesus. He conquered death and the demonic which feeds you lies must submit in His name to stopping. Jesus gave you the keys and unless you know your authority in Jesus which has been delegated to you; the demonic will steal your keys. So it's time to wake up and take your keys back. Ask the Lord for more discernment of what is a lie and what is His truth. He will reveal it to you. It's really that simple. It's taking every. single. thought. captive to the obedience of Christ like Paul says. Once you win the battle over your mind, there is such joy in the freedom and the path leads to true healing.

Exercise: Give Him your fears! Exchange them for His truth.

Close your eyes and ask the Lord, "Lord, what am I believing about myself, my child, or a situation that is NOT true?"

Picture Jesus sitting in front of you. What does He tell you? What is the first thought that comes into your mind? Write it down.

Now give Jesus what you wrote. It is a lie. He will take it away from you.

Pray and ask the Lord, "Jesus, what do you give me instead of this lie?" Write down whatever you hear Him say or the first spontaneous thought that comes to your mind. You might also see a picture which could be symbolic representation.

"Jesus, thank You that You are love and truth. That through Your mercy, You desire to see us set free and who You set free is free indeed. Amen."

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